Summer Jewellery Haul

Summer is just starting to creep around the corner here in Aussie. 


Is it just me or did it really feel like winter went for half a lifetime. We've had some really nice sunny days lately, spoiled a little by cool breezes, but they carry the scent of a promising summer.
I suppose I got a little excited with the anticipation and bought a couple things to life my summer spirit. 

sandals : I am growing fonder and fonder of these little shoes-ies. They are as comfy and breezy as a good old pair of flip flops, but about 100x more gorgeous. I bought these shoes from a store called Freelance. These shops are pretty much everywhere. I have another similar pair in a bight sky blue from the same store that I bout about 1 year ago and they are still in great shape. 

bracelets : Layering bracelets is an escalating trend ....especially in the summer. I usually stick with silvers, but I couldn't resist this stunning bright gold set. I really love that it's divided by the chain, it gives the illusion of more bangles and more color....who can complain with that :P !!!

rings : Glaming things up for the summer, to me, means big and bold. I especially love the flower ring as the little crystals in it catch and reflect the light beautifully - classy, elegant, very feminine. The leaf ring really slims down my fingers - nice and dainty. 

All of the jewelery comes from a store called Lovisa. They recently opened up in my local shopping centre, thought I would check it out. In my opinion it's not all that different from diva, although they were a little larger and definitely had a larger selection of rings

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