Book Review - Tuesdays With Morrie By Mitch Albom

tuesday's with morrie
mitch albom

I loved this biography because it isnt like a lot of the other books that I tend to pick up. Typically I gravitate towards text book romance, fantasies, things set in different places and eras. It makes it interesting and exciting to escape into a world so very different from my own.

But for some reason this book really did stand out to me. So I took a chance and flipped to a random page about half way through and was so incredibly stunned and moved by what I read that I bought it immediately!

The story centers around an old, eccentric college professor who shockingly discovers that he has a terminal illness. With less that one year to live, Morrie does just that ....

He really lives .

Rather that dig himself a deep hole of self pity and remorse he concentrates all of his energy into appreciating the blessings that life has bestowed on him and sending a message onto the masses of the world that death is not something that should be feared but rather acknowledged and accepted. The fact that we know we are going to die just makes living all the more sweet and worthwhile. 

I know this all does sound rather morbid but honestly its probably one of the most upbeat, given the circumstances, books I've read and its all because of Morrie's unique spirit.

Whilst its not an epic romance riddled with dashing hero's and blushing maiden's, it does posses some very heroic and romantic ideals

It is a beautifully composed piece, put together by a student and close friend of Morrie.

Give it a go I guarantee you will not be let down!

xx E

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