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joanne harris

How do I describe the small country town of  Lansquenet-sous-Tannes?
Individualism, indulgence, artistic expression and rebellion ?
Try confirmatory, conservative, traditional, trapped in a time-loop which holds high the values of typical Christian ideals. This little town is in for a shocking surprise when the wind blows in the eccentric, opinionated an lively Vianne Rocher. 

So here is where the dramatic battle begins.
One simple thought. One simple decision. Where would your allegiance lie. 

church or chocolate ??

So I am going to start this review by saying that ...
Yes! I have seen the film
Yes! I did love it to bits
Yes! I would recommend it
Good movie, Great actors. 

Ever since I saw the film I have intended to read the book and finally three years later (how time flies) I have. I was not in any way shape or form disappointed in this book after reading. It is very well written with vivid detailing and intriguing characters.

It is probably also important to mention that equally my appreciation for the film has not waned after reading the book. Whilst aspects of the book have been adapted to cater to representation on screen, the concept and effect of these have not been demolished or twisted beyond recognition.

The most apparent example of this is the character of Armande Voizin. There was not one moment in reading the book that I could not see Judi Dench standing right in front of me or hear her raspy cackle.   spot on !!

Contraire to this, is the strikingly dark and seductive character of Roux and his relationships with Vianne, Armande and Josephine. I am not going to spoil things for you by giving away vital parts of the story line, but it can be safely said that Johnny Depp's calm, easy going version of this River Gypsy is defiantly much less complex of a character as our book Roux. Although both are very desirable in their own little ways!!

All over it was a wonderful, but not necessarily your typical romance book.
And guess what.... it has a sequel!!

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