Lush - Emotional Brilliance Liners

Quality coloured liners can definitely be hard to track down. Not many brands will venture outside of the uniform dark brown and black shades. I knew I had 
stuck gold 
when I saw these in my local lush store (In the QVB building in the CBD of Sydney). The colour pigment is exactly what you would hope to get - they are not watered down as you can see in the swatches.

Left to right - Sophisticated, Success and Motivation
Left to right - Feeling Secure, Happiness and Wise

These liners are great because they can also be used as cream eyeshadow / colour bases (especially Sophisticated as its a little to pale of a brown to be used as a liner) I love the variety and vibrancy of colours and they make for a quick, fun and gorgeous day look. thank you lush . I am still on the search for a nice pink or orange liner, so if you guys know of any good ones I would love to hear about them. When I can afford it I will definitely go back and get more.
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