Blush Haul From Japan

About three months ago I wasn't really much of a blush person. Now I don't know about you guys but I sometimes get these strange ....sort of like food cravings, but for makeup, and all of a sudden I wanted to wear blush. Yes I am very aware of how weird that is. 

nyx angel, is the blush that began my current obsession. Its a really beautiful dusty rose that brings a soft and dewy flush to the skin.

Cream blushes are are really great for keeping that dewy complexion and I can't believe how much I am loving corals at the moment. canmake, a brand that's I have found isn't so readily available out of Japan (you can buy it online or in specialised Asian cosmetics stores), but is great quality and also super affordable.  Cannot recommend this product enough.

Another cream blush, from maybelline, called jelly glow (I cant read Japanese so I think that it is number three). I believe is supposed to be the Japanese version of Maybelline bouncy blushes. It's a warm rosy pink with very flattering gold pearlescent undertones - it's more illuminating than dewy. 
Also this blush is like play-dough - endless hours of fun.
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