Face Mask Haul ....Stocking Up On My Favourite Drugstore Brands XD

Recently I ran out of all of my face masks, which is horrible timing because my skin is throwing a tantrum at the moment. Sad Panda! So I took myself into the nearest Priceline and stocked up on some of my favourite (and a couple new) drugstore masks. 

I keep all of my Face Masks (the ones that don't need to be refrigerated) in this little blue  Christmas box from Kikki.K. Because I love to experiment different masks depending on my mode and the condition of my skin these single applications packets are perfect for me and fit nice and snug in this little box. 

P.S you can actually get 2-3 applications out of some packs depending on how much you use. If you have some left over just seal it in a plastic bag (so it doesn't dry out) and stick it in the fridge....this also makes the mask nice and cool which is especially nice in summer and soothing to irritated skin.  

 This Blemish Mud is great for around "that time of the month" when my skin becomes very temperamental and I have an abundance of breakouts. Its got Witch Hazel , Aloe Vera, Mediterranean Clay, Dead Sea Salt, Green Tea Leaf Extract and so many other lovely ingredients

This Sauna Masque feels absolutely wonderful and so soothing on the skin. It is a self heating mask that doesn't set dry, so you retain the ability to speak with this mask. Its also so great for bringing those nasty breakouts to the surface. 

Creamy Coconut is a gentle hydrating mask that dries almost clear (so there is a lot of moisturising being absorbed into the skin which is fan-blooming-tastic)

This Passion Peel Off Mask is my favourite at the moment. My skin feels as
soft as a babies butt after using this and my pores almost disappear. It is just sensational. Its got some wonderful ingredients including Vitamin E, Caster Oil, Pomegranate extract, Aloe Vera and Passionflower extract. However I have found that my eyes are sensitive to the smells/fumes in this formula, so don't apply it too close!

No Time To Shine is probably my favourite mask for oil control. So if you have a big night 
coming up and you are worried that you are going to look like a big old grease ball then try this before hand. These Formula 10.0.6 masks do a great  job of cleansing the skin and lifting all of the junk out of your pores.  It's normal to feel a mild tingling - heating sensation for about 1 min after applying this, so don't freak out and wipe it all off!

Renew you was a new purchase for me and did not let me down. Its another wet mask (doesn't set dry) that soaks into your skin so there is only a small amount of residue to rinse off - so moisturising. It is a collagen mask which is a magnificent and very popular ingredient in a lot of skincare products 

This Hyaluronic Acid Mask (from THEFACESHOP) is great for when my skin has dry patches and is looking dull. It is super hydrating and leaves my skin with a beautiful glow without looking greasy.  It is a sheet mask, so super quick and convenient for when I am feeling a bit lazy. 

Most of these packets are only $3-4 (and under) but work just as well (if not better) than some of the high end masks I have tried. So don't knock them 'till you've tried them!

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