Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Skincare Regime

I often find it very overwhelming to look for new skincare items. I have oily-combination skin and am prone to redness and not-so-wee little spotties around that time of the month (thanks ever so much Aunt Flow). So unfortunately I can't just pick up any random bottle of lotion and be done with it.
As a result I have become really addicted to sample samples samples!!
And you would be surprised how many places, you can find samples or that offer more affordable trial kits. (Lush, Myer, Cosmo Cosmetics on George street).

I have raved about them many-a-time before, but YesStyle is one of my favourite places to find samples. They come in sets that start at around $12 AUD for a bag with eight (good sized and often really good quality brands) samples.  My favourite and the one I keep going back to is the  korean beauty sample set  and the reason is, that I've found that Asian skincare to be the most effective on my oily,  spotty skin!!! However if you have normal to dry skin you might enjoy  deluxe beauty sample starter kit  which contains a lot of well know brands such as Dior, Clinique, Chanel etc.

In the most recent sample kit I got, they sent me a mini trial kit of the SkinFood Premium Tomato Whitening four step system. Its thanks to this system that I am feeling more comfortable in my skin and have been wearing less and less makeup.

step one : toner 

Its strange water-like consistency made me think that it wasn't going to be any good at all, but Oh my I was wrong. My skin seems to sigh when I apply this toner!!! Though its only the first step in this system, its so super hydrating that I feel I could almost use it on its own. 

step two : essence  

Its in this step that a majority of the magical whitening occurs (it has the highest concentration of tomato extract). Lately, I have actually received a few comments about how light and lovely my skin has been looking. The red tones in my skin have definitely dulled and Im aware that the scars from recent breakouts are fading a good deal faster than usual. YAY !!

step three : emulsion

Like most emulsions its got an almost serum like consistency. It spreads effortlessly and when it completely absorbs, you are left with hydrated, soft, fresh and clean skin. 

step four : cream

On days when my skin is in a good place I sometimes make a judgment call and will skip this step. Its not a reflection on the product, I like that the thicker formula seems to seal in all the moisture! But sometimes with oily skin you have to be careful about adding too much!! 

This whole system has a matte finish to it, which I know is very important to we lasses with oily-combination skin. Also I haven't had any reactions or breakouts occur as a result of using this system. Thats not to say I'm not still getting them, which I am, but really only in the week leading up to Aunt Flow's appearance :P  

In terms of pricing I'd say it falls into the same category as many of those you would find at your local drugstore/supermarket. You don't even have to invest, to invest in your skin.

If you are interested in trying the trial kit, which lasted my around three weeks (although I was only using it in the morning) I have seen it for sale on Ebay for around $9 AUD.

I'm not looking forward to when I run out of this because I can be very lazy and it may be a couple weeks before I have it again :( 
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