Makeup Haul - Nars, MAC, Modelsprefer and Savvy

Left to right 
MAC Romantic breakdown (LE Boa Boa Wan Collection)
MAC Blankety
MAC Rebel
Models Prefer Nude Lipstick in Naked 
Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour in Lights...Camera

As I am sure you will soon pick up on, I am a very big fan of hydrating lip products. Nothing feels worse to me than a dry or sticky lip yuck. With hydrating lipsticks, usually, also comes the added benefit of a glossy finish, masking dryness and lines, making your lips appear fuller and cancelling out the extra step of applying lipgloss. Who wouldn't love that right? 

models prefer  
Brown lipstick, I know, isn't for everyone. Its most definitely a flashback to the 90's - although kylie jenner seems quite fond of it too - but all the same I find it quite flattering and lately its one of my favourite things to wear. This one from Models Prefer has more of a cool undertone to it than I am used to, usually I will gravitate towards more Mauve tones. I do find it to be a bit sheer and I have to work a little to build it up to the colour you see in the above image, but I don't necessarily consider this a bad feature as its almost like two lipsticks in one. 

Odd, is probably the best word to describe this product from Savvy. Don't get me wrong - the colour is stunning, consistent and very pigmented, I like the doe-foot applicator and it has great staying power, like I think you could drink and eat and it wouldn't budge!! But the texture/feeling of the product changes a couple times while you are wearing it. It starts off super creamy, then changes to extremely sticky, like my lips were sticking together and then five minutes later it was your standard matte. so weird. Not so great for reapplication during the night. 

I have never been let down by a MAC lipstick and these were no exception. I was, however, a bit apprehensive about the Satin formula for Rebel. I love red lips of all kinds but really struggle with the dry matte or over glossy, slippery formulas they usually come in. Rebel was the perfect balance of both! It was hydrating but at the same time it stayed exactly where I had applied it. Even after it starts to fade, Rebel leaves a stain on your lips so it never looks messy or unkempt. I am definitely going back to try more Satin lipsticks. 

You do have to be a little bit careful with Romantic Breakdown. If you aren't exfoliating your lips regularly, like with most pale lip colours, any dry patches or crack are really going to be emphasised. Despite this it is such a stunningly beautify colour, and actually the first nude colour I have ever felt comfortable wearing. It would look fabulous with a dramatic smokey eye!

All I can same about Blankety is yes!! It is slightly lighter than your - well my - lip colour, with a beautiful mauve undertone that looks so very natural. The girls at the MAC counter where very happy with and encouraging about my choice. 

Left to right 
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla 
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW20

I'm not blown over by this MAC powder. Its a lovely product - not chalky or cakey, it blends well, with a lovely natural finish on the skin and the variety of colours that it comes in is insane. But still, I am not convinced that I can't find something even better. I am looking for something that is gong to be natural and really long wearing as, having oily skin, I hate to find that my foundation has worn away during the day.

Au contraire, I am so incredibly impressed with this Nars concealer. Its coverage is just sensational, the best I have ever used and yet it doesn't sink into fine lines or leave your skin looking heavy or cakey. Its got a somewhat illuminated matte finish to it that you just know is going to last throughout the day/night. They have a good range of ten colours in the collection and I am pretty happy with my colour match, its the perfect shade to brighten my under eyes without looking fake. I would probably need another slightly darker shade to hide any spots though.

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