Perfect Potions Haul and Review

The first time I ever heard about Perfect Potion was probably about six months ago, during a Natural-DIY-skincare course I did. They are a brand proud to boast a range of  quality natural products made from "certified organic essential oils and plant extracts". 

In the past I have used a few different natural-care ranges and found that they weren't always as effective as I would have liked them to have been. However, so far, I've been pretty wowed by the products I have used from Perfect Potion. 

I also just want to put out there that I think these products are actually quite affordable, despite using such high quality ingredients. Really some of these products aren't that far off what you might pay for a good cleanser or lotion at the drugstore. 

active deodorant 

In all the years that I have been using deodorant I had never actually found one that I really liked. Either the smell was just not for me or the product was just damn right ineffective. As such, this was the first thing I was eager to check out and with it I am killing two birds with one stone. The smell itself is actually quite pleasant and calming. It's also not so strong that I can smell it on myself throughout the day or overpowers my perfume. In its spray bottle application it is really quite cooling and dries quickly, without a sticky feeling. In terms of function it doesn't completely mask all BO when you have been doing strenuous exercise (does anything?) but day to day and when the weather's a bit warm it does perfectly well by me. 

cooling leg and foot lotion

On those days when I have been running around or it's just too damn hot to move, this is what I have been using. And I don't just use this little baby on my footsies. I have been applying this anywhere that feels overly warm - hands, feet, neck, arms and underarms. It works quickly and makes such an obvious difference. Without delving into the science behind this lotion (which really I am no expert in) it's clear that the cooling effect comes from the high levels of menthol that occurs naturally in peppermint oil.It sends a wee little message through the body which triggers the chilly sensation. Mind, you don't need to use much of this, a little goes a very long way! I have shared my find with a few close friends and family, and seeing as we are in the midst of a hot Australian summer, they can't get enough

soothe cleansing gel 

I am walking on eggshells with my skin at the moment. I have been breaking out left, right and centre! After changing around few of my serums, toners, masks and lotions I've come to the conclusion that my cleansers aren't cleanse-afying  my skin well enough. 
I was most definitely drawn in by the advertising on this little bottle - soothe, sounded awfully appealing to my aggravated skin. You will want to make sure your face or hands are damp to help the gel formula suds-up (although it doesn't foam all that much - probably due to the absence of sulphates). Despite being a foaming cleanser it doesn't feel as dehydrating or striping as some others. My skin was clean - sans the squeaky - soft and smooth, as though my pores weren't clogged! Job well done me thinks, it was just what I needed.

sweet dreams pillow mist 

Lately, having just started a new job, Im feeling a bit stressed and tired. I wasn't getting that really nice deep sleep and it would take my body, what felt like years, to shut off. I thought that if I could maybe try to train my body to think  sleep when I sprayed this it might help me to drop off. And thank my lucky stars it has!! The main scent, that I have noticed in this, is Lavender, which I know is supposed to be great for relaxation. Just be aware that its a pretty strong fragrance so you will only need to spray it on your pillow the once, anymore than that and I have found it a bit overwhelming to the senses. 

sweet dreams bath soak 

Bath salts contain so many beneficial mineralsthat help to ease the tension in your muscles and body, detoxify your skin and encourage plump soft skin. On top of that they have mixed in a couple wonderful natural essential oils, which help to relax your mind and prepare for sleep. Usually in water, most of us feel so light , effortlessly floating on top of the water, but after this bath my body and mind both felt very heavy. So I found it was a very quick transition from awake to zzzzz.

Although from the same fragrance range as the Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist, this Bath Soak has a much more subtle scent. At first I thought that I was unimpressed with how simplethis product was - no bubbles, muted fragrance and clear water - not very fun right. But its effect was really quite noticeable so I am more than willing to overlook everything else.

I was surprised by how  smoothand soft my skin felt after drying off because the water itself didn't feel particularly hydrating. And after second thought I was actually quite glad that the scent wasn't too overwhelming (as it meant that I could actually smell the new candle I had bought and was burning). All in all it was a good purchase and something I am glad to have.

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