Addicted to beautiful Lingerie - Target

I don't know about the rest of you ladies (and gents, lets not be judgmental) but nothing makes me feel more confident in my clothes that knowing I have "oh damn" lingerie on underneath. Whether it's to enjoy on your own or sharing with a partner, you can always use more lingerie.

However for us regular folk who are earning a regular income, splurging on the nice stuff is simply out of the question. So I have been keeping my peepers open for brands that are easy to come by, comfortable and look expensive whilst still maintaining a realistic price tag.

I was, in all honesty, quite shocked to find that Target met all four of my demands. While working with a strict budget I was still able to walk away with three truly comfortable bras that look great with or without an accompanying shirt.  In my opinion these bras look classy, feminine, delicate (which makes the little voice in my mind scream expensive) and down right sexy.

These bras really do make me feel a million dollars - in particular when I am wearing this beige and red lace bra – as though I need to be rolling around on (faux) fur rugs, counting my diamonds and drinking a glass of bubbly.

I know it doesn't look like much but this little, black, strappy piece has very quickly made it to the top of my “I must wear this all the time / I have an unhealthy addiction to an item of clothing” list.  It's got a snug fit, gives the ladies a good boost and offers GREAT support. On top of all of that I have found that the additional straps around the top of the bust only help in emphasising my cleavage - so I get all the benefits of a push up bra without the painful push.

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