Best False Eyelashes I Have Ever Encountered

After trying several brands and varying types, I gave up on wearing false eyelashes about two years ago. They felt heavy, looked very obvious, the bands were sharp, unbending and too thick and seeing as I have lots of brow bone and not enough lid, all of the time and effort I spent on my eyeshadow was hidden behind a wall of black . I'm not sure what spurred me on to attempt wearing false eyelashes again - probably my dislike of applying and wearing mascara - but try them again I did. Success befell me in the form of   red cherry, derry wispy (DW) eyelashes. As far as I am concerned, I need look no further - I have found a Deity worth worshipping - these lashes a perfect! I know that typically the Red Cherry #43 lashes are considered the bees-knees but they weren't for me. I found them to be a bit too long and full and a far too intense. If you have a lot of room on your eyelid or just in general prefer a dramatic finish then these are probably right up your alley.

Shall we discuss why they are so absolutely wonderful? Here we go - prepare yourself for a wealth of praise.

A Thin And Clear Band 
Means that there is no need to wear an outrageously thick wing of liner to cover it up.
It also makes it very easy to manipulate when applying.

A Curved Band
An emphasised  curve to it, makes application so much easier, because its already moulded to the shape of your eye.
The ends of the band won't stick out, giving away the big secret and poking you uncomfortably when you blink.

Overlapping / Cris-crossed lashes
Giving you that va va va boom fullness without looking like you just stuck a black piece of paper to your eye.

Thinning Out At The Tip
The lashes thin out towards the tips making them look fluttery yet realistic. I mean going back to that black piece of paper we taped to our eyelids earlier - real lashes don't all meet at the same length - like the rest of the hair on your head, they grow at different stages.

Great Price Point
Purchasing these online, I have found, is far more affordable than purchasing cheap drugstore lashes in store in Australia. At $6.95 AUD they are an absolute steal and I have no qualm about bulk buying (I know they are reusable but in all honesty I am only likely to use them once or twice),

In my ever so wonderful opinion the only improvement that I would consider making would be creating a brown alternative for a softer finish.
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