Brands Exclusive Haul - Ere Perez and Naobay Skincare

Ere Perez Cosmetics

Pure Rice Powder Bronze Tones 

Even though I didn't actual purchase this Bronzing Rice Powder from Brands Exclusive I thought I would throw it in while I was talking about the brand. Its not messy, powdery (chalky) or over the top pigmented. I find the colour to be just right in adding a nice warmth to my skin, it blends superbly and it is easily buildable if you want to use it in contouring. The pack also comes in two shades so you can opt to use one side for bronzing and one for contouring - personally I like to just swirl my brush over both of them.

Real Rosehip Lip Bar in Love 

I think I've bee through about 3 or 4 of these - not because its a stand out product that I just simply must always use, but because I keep losing it. In the past I remember it having a greater colour pay off, this particular lipstick is almost completely sheer. It's a very hydrating product and I think this is a great alternative for those that don't like lip gloss, you get that beautiful glossy shine without the gross sticky feeling.

Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint in Joy 

I have found that I prefer to wear this as a cheek stain as opposed to a lip stain as the colour looks a little too rusty on my lips. I have been applying this either with a light hand over the top of my liquid foundation or with a bit more va va va voom (a heavier application) underneath my liquid foundation. Red toned blushes, I find, give you the most natural rosy appearance - like you've been standing outside on a cold winter night.

Correcting Calendula Powder Foundation in Light 

If I am being completely honest with you guys, I was pretty let down by this product. There was absolutely minimal coverage, to the point where I think only those lucky phew with absolutely nothing wrong with their skin would want to use this as a foundation. It does seem to posses these tiny little flecks of shimmer - so tiny that for a long while I was convinced I was just seeing things - which gives the skin a beautiful radiance and glow, whilst still maintaining a matte finish. Because of this I think it makes a fantastic finishing powder but does not cover it as a foundation.

Naobay Skincare

Calming Face Toner

I haven't got all that much to say about these products individually. I think they are nice enough products but not so incredibly life changing that I would fork out the extra $30 per product. 

On a good note, I love the packaging - so clean and modern!

On a bad note, I noticed that the red pigmentation in my skin was a bit amplified after using this system and not just on the one occasion but several times. 

Moisturising Milk Cleanser 

"Moisturising" Milk Cleanser is definitely a good title for this product. Good for hydration but needs a bit of help as far as cleansing goes - if you are after a good hydrating cleanser that gets everything off I would recommend Lush Ultrabland

Oxygenating Cream Moisturiser 

Despite the fact that I have oily skin, I do still enjoy (and would encourage other oily skin girls to enjoy) a truly hydrating moisturiser. This product feels really nice and refreshing when you apply it to the skin and it is absorbed in a matter of seconds. Alas it didn't quite meet my demands / standards as far as hydration goes - my skin felt tight and dry as though I had never even applied moisturiser in the first place.
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