Vintage Finds On Etsy - Wicker Purses

Vintage French Wicker Sewing Basket 

Price Point: I paid $69 AUD plus (unfortunately, a hefty) $40 for postage from France) 

Details: I am really impressed with the amount of detail the the seller was able to provide in the description, because of this I will be able to determine the best practices for maintaining the purse. 

It's a beautiful
1960's style, reinforced with wood panels on either end on the inside so it's nice and sturdy. It is made with Willow reeds. It opens on one side from a metal clasp at the top.

It measures 26cm long and 16cm wide and is plenty big enough to fit my phone, wallet, a small makeup case and hell even a good sized book - enough for a standard day out!

My thoughts:  It's a little bit dusty, some areas are slightly discoloured from age and there is a tiny hole on one of the side panels but these are pretty trivial and for being an odd 50+ years old it's looking fan-fricking-tabulous!

It does feel pretty sturdy in that I think it could hold up the usual hord of things that I throw in my bag for a day out, but I still feel like I am going to want to be a bit more careful with it - as though I can't just throw it on the seat next to me or squish it up against a wall when things get a bit crowded. The clasp and opening wall move pretty freely so I won't have any issue getting things in and out. 

I can't wait to pair it with a pretty summer dress - I am dying to get my hands on the Bernie Dexter Trixie top and matching skirt in the beautiful Gingham style - and a pair of pretty heels!!

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