Current Top Five Favourite (Non Matte) Red Lipsticks

1. MAC - Petite Red (Limited Edition)

Price Point: Whatever is on Ebay,  Sorry
I know, it is absolutely cruel to mention something that is limited edition, if I were you I would be yelling derogatory things at the computer screen right now. But it's such a great product it deserves a mention and hey! I actually found mine on Ebay after it had sold out on the MAC website. The colour is ever so slightly, like right on the edge, on the pinker side of the red spectrum and so has a subtle blue undertone (as opposed to an orange).
Satin is my favourite finish (for MAC) because you get the longevity of a matte lipstick with the hydrating creamy texture of a lustre - it really is the best of both worlds. Also as they eventually start to wear they leave behind a stain so the don't actually look like they are fading.

2. MAC - Rebel 

Price Point: $36AUD
Another glorious satin finish from MAC. This colour stars off as a beautiful berry colour and builds up to deep purple-red. It's great for when I am feel in a bit lazy and don't want to put any effort into a dramatic eye look - just whack on a bit of liner to balance it out and
voila you have a sultry and bold makeup look.

3. TOOFACED - Melted Strawberry 

Price Point: $28AUD
I am all over this lipstick like a cheap suit! It is a super hydrating barley-feels-like-it's-there product that seems to just glow giving a beautiful, healthy and full appearance to the lips. The orange undertone gives of a very summer-y vibe. Liquid lipsticks are a big craze at the moment and Too Faced has absolutely shamed it !

4. RIMMEL - Apocalyps Big Bang 

Price Point: $15.95AUD
While I am really not a huge fan of the application - a spongey/furry doe foot which doesn't allow for that nice crisp and precise line that I usually strive for in a bold lip - I am willing to look past it because these colours are sensational! The formula is incredibly creamy and hydrating and oh lordy that pigmentation. I know I am only supposed to be mentioning red lipsticks but while I'm on this topic I though I would throw in that I am also head over heels for ……. a great alternative for when I am over reds. 

5. NATIO - Rush 

Price Point : $14.95AUD
After hours of trolling through Miss Victory Violet's (a stunning New Zealand Pinup expert) blog I came across a list of some of her favourite red lip products. Of the three she listed Natio Rush stood out to me the most, not only because she stated that it was her all time go-to, but also because of the way she described the colour and the formula. The Formula of this lipstick seems to me quite similar to a  MAC satin lipstick - it is richly pigmented, long-lasting yet still very creamy and hydrating. It's an intense blue toned red and of what I have listed is probably the second (to MAC Rebel) darkest. 

On My Whislist
There are two lipsticks in particular that I am itching to get my little paws on - Besame Red Hot Red and Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Black Tie.
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