Luxury Makeup Haul and Swatches

MAC - Navy By Nine Palette 
Price Point - $65 AUD

My thoughts - The eyeshadow pans in this palette are about half the size of normal MAC eyeshadows    which personally I don't mind, I have so many eyeshadows that I am in all honesty probably never going to get through them. 
As you can see in the swatches below those with a simmer or frosted finish are beautifully pigmented and those that are matte, whilst not as pigmented are not at all chalky and blend really well. 
These "By Nine" Palettes come in four different colour ranges and at such a great price point I am definitely keen to get a couple more.

Nars - Eyeshadow Duo in Cordura 

Price Point - $50 AUD

My Thoughts - I have been following Tiffany D on Youtube for the past 4 years and have always found her beauty recommendations to be exceptional and well suited to my own tastes.
I am drooling over these colours, the lighter tan colour in particular has phenomenal pigmentation and a smooth application.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish In Lightscapade 

Price Point - $47 AUD

My Thoughts - MAC Mineralise Skin Finishes are well know for their shade in Soft And Gentle, a beautiful rose gold highlighter. I was initially planning to follow the masses and get Soft And Gentle but after seeing Arna Alayne, a youtube who has embraced her pale skin, apply lightscapde I was convinced. It's a beautiful shade that doesn't even look like a highlighter on, it just looks like beautifully illuminated skin. I am in love.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette 

Price Point - $87 AUD

My Thoughts - Another recommendation from Tiffany D and well the rest of the makeup community. These ambient light powders are all the rage at the moment and for a good reason. I was a bit skeptical about applying them as finishing powders, I was worried I would end up looking a bit like a disco ball. But these are the most phenomenal finishing powders I have ever used. I swear my skin looks photoshopped when I use this, its illuminated in all the right ways and any problems or blemishes look diffused and less like problems!

Dim Light, Incandescent Light, Radiant Light & Lightscapde 
MAC Lipsticks  

Price Point - Regular $36 AUD, Mineralize Rich $47 AUD 

My Thoughts - You just can't go wrong with MAC lipsticks. Great pigmentation and the always feel great on the lips. 

Pretty Please (L), Snob (S) & Creme Cup (CS)
Creme d'nude (CS), Fashion Pack (Haute Dogs Collection - MR) & Rare Breed (Haute Dogs Collection - MR)

Chanel Pinceau Angled Powder Brush 

Price Point - $82 AUD

My Thoughts - This is like the god of all brushes and guess what it's another Tiffany D recommendation. The hairs on Chanel brushes are placed in shape and not trimmed which reduces the amount of fraying meaning they will last a lot longer. Its so beautifully soft and has the perfect balance between malleability and firmness.

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