Beauty Haul - Too Faced, Jurlique and Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar

I all honesty I have kind of been avoiding the Tanya Burr cosmetics line since its launch back in February 2014. I'm not exactly an avid collector of nail polishes (they chip so quickly on me) and I'm always a bit skeptical of lip glosses - you never know how sticky they are going to be - but I finally caved when I saw that she had launched her own Advent Calendar.

It's a 12 days of Christmas calendar with a mix of full sized and mini products, all of which are so far are limited edition and only available in the calendar. I did cheat a little and open my advent calendar early(purely in the interest of the blog) but I am not going to use any of the products until I open the respective windows.

Tanya Burr Lipgloss 
The lip glosses themselves are pretty glossy and slippery and only slightly sticky which I do think helps them to last a bit longer on the lips so its something that I am able to over look. The colour intensity seems to fade the darker the colour ("Just Peachy" seems to be opaque enough to wear as its own lip colour, whereas "Carousel" would do better paired with a lipstick).

The lipgloss "Diamonds are a girls best friend" has quickly risen to my current favourite lip product. It has a clear base with beautiful silver shimmer throughout that makes the lips look incredibly glossy and big - on its own or paired with something else, it is the perfect lip for the festive season !!

Too Faced Melted Lips
The current craze surrounding these liquid lipstick is, in my opinion, most undeniably warranted. Personally this kind of formula is right up my alley - it is thin yet very opaque and super hydrating, with maybe 1.5 - 2 hours worth of full intensity before you need to reapply. No to mention, how gorgeous is that packaging.

Jurlique - Brightening Essence 
A close and very wise friend turned me onto using Jurlique and since I've started I haven't looked back. As it is a somewhat more expensive range than I am accustomed to using so I have been up to Jurlique counter both at David Jones and Myers to ask for samples. The brightening essence was one of the first samples I received and have really loved using it. Despite the fact that it doesn't actually list lavender as an ingredient the formula seems to give of the same calming fragrance, which I have found has really helped me to wind down in the evening.

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