Planning For Paris - My Sightseeing Bucket list

"Because we will always have Paris" - Casablanca

Come the beginning of June 2016 I will be spending one glorious week in the "City of Love" - Paris. I know its still a good 8 months away but I'm just so excited about it and keen to accrue as much information about what to see and where to go. So feel free to add your two cents as I still have gaps to fill in my bucket list.

The Eiffel Tower 
Probably the most iconic French building / tourist sight its not something you can avoid seeing - literally, apparently its visible from most areas in Paris CBD. Personally I am planning to set out to see it twice. Once during the day, when I will set up a little picnic with market bought goodies and maybe a bit of champagne (which you can legally do) and once at night when I will actually scale the building stairs to see "the city of light" from the best vantage point.

Notre Dame 
As a long time Disney fan there is now way I'm not going to climb to the top of Notre Dame to see the phenomenal view and get a snap with one of the Gargoyles.

Sacre Coure 
Sacre Coure is the only other Cathedral I'm going to see - you can only see so many before they all start to look the same.

Marche de Bastille 
Like a true hipster the idea of going to the markets (food or flea) makes me very happy. There are a couple around Paris that I have heard are worth checking out but Marche de Bastille has won out for me due to its location and popularity. This is going to be an early morning start for me, then off to lucnch in front of the Eiffel Tower.

After doing a bit of research and discovering that it can sometimes take up to 3-4 hours to get entry into Versailles (and don't think the Paris Pass is going to help you much, even if you have a pre purchased ticket you still have to queue for a security check) I have decided that the best approach is to book a guided tour. Not only do the tours help you to skip both queues but they also get you access to some of the sectioned off areas of the palace.

Muse du Louvre
I've heard that you could spend days making your way around the Louvre and if you've got days and this tickles your fancy they hop to! If like me you've got about a half day then do your research before hand, figure out what is priority for you and bee-line for it. For me (not being all that art savvy) its the obvious Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Virgin and Child.

Muse de Orsay 
Another, "you could potentially spend days here" pick your must-sees and if you've got time for anything else after, perfect. Personally I'm actually really very excited to see the works of Monet.

If you're into scary movies, horror stories and ghost towns then this macabre tour is right up your alley. This is one of those things I am kind of forcing myself to do because I'm a scaredy pants to boot but I don't want to miss out on a fantastic experience. The last thing I did like this was the haunted hospital in Japan - pretty sure i s**t my pant but I don't regret a thing.

Luxembourg and Des Plantes

Secret Streets of Paris 
For those of you that don't like busy, hustling tourist areas but still want to experience the chic beauty of France. For those who need quite time to wind down and perhaps enjoy walking there appear to be an array of beautiful street and houses throughout Paris that you can enjoy and get snap happy with.

France is renowned for their pastries and Macaroons so a trip to Paris without sampling the famous Laduree Macaroons is a trill ill spent.

Moulin Rouge 
Literally just around the corner from where I will be staying, I'm going to have lots of opportunities to see and photograph the infamous red windmill. I'm not intending to actually go and see a show (although perhaps one day) because its darn right expensive.

Fashion Museum 
As a fashion enthusiast this is something that definitely tickles my fancy. Entry to this museum is included in the Paris Pass, so hey, why not.

Champs Elysses 
A hot spot for high end shopping and from what I have heard a great spot to camp out at a cafe and people watch - one of my favourite things.

Arc De Triomphe 
The second best vantage point in Paris, it's another great place to map out the city of love from above (It's already effecting me, I'm practically a poet).

Pont de L'archeveche 
Paris' own version of the famous Milivan Bridge in Rome where many a couple have visited to attach a padlock with their names written on it and throw away the key as a symbol of their love (personally I would chose Paris over Rome, what with it being the city of love and all). Even for those who have yet to find their Prince Charming it is still a great photo opportunity.

Shakepsear and Company 
Renowned for being one of few English bookshops in Paris and a hot spot for writers like Ernest Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound and Henry Miller.

Victor Hugo Apartment Museum 
Another favourite for those book enthusiasts. The writer of the much loved Les Miserables (p.s. saw the musical and loved it) had a different design theme for each room in his apartment, all of which seem quite eccentric

The Lido Show 
Similar to although less iconic than the Moulin Rouge, a discount to the Lido Show is included in the Paris Pass. So guess what, I'mma going to a late night show and included dinner.

Pont Alexandre 3 
This beauty speaks for itself, I mean just look at that gold detailing! This arch/bridge spans the Seine River and connects The Eiffle Tower and the Champs Elysees and is the most extravagant of its kind in Paris.

Seine River 
Personally I am not intending to opt for one of the infamous cruises down the Seine (I get sea sick very easily) but it is a fantastic way to see some of Paris' most iconic sights.

Galleries Lafayette
From what I understand this shopping complex is similar to that of David Jones - high end brands all piled into one accessible place. It is also probably the most beautiful shopping centre ever!

Saint Germain de Pres
An absolute hot-spot for shopping in Paris for tourists and locals alike. I have heard that it is a pretty busy area, so prepare to be swamped and walk with your elbows out.
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