Louvisa Earring Haul - Newly Pierced Ears

First things first, I should probably mention that I have actually had my ear pierced a couple time before and each time they have closed over. I think this really comes down to the laziness of my youth, because I frequently forgot or couldn't be bothered to put earrings in. Its been about 4 years since I have worn any earrings and I think I am finally ready to commit again!

There is a 6 week wait between when you get your ears pierced and when you can start wearing different earnings. As I write this I am currently at the 2 week mark and I can tell you that 4 weeks really feels like 4 months away.

I'm taking my time to develop a new collection of earrings and I'm trying to be quite picky about it, because in the past I have been quick to throw just about any pair that takes my fancy in the shopping cart and have never gotten around to wearing them.

I am also very aware of the quality of earring that I am purchasing - it's not that I am only going to settle for Tiffany's (although I'm not going to lie, that would be lovely) but I am conscious that a lot of cheaper earrings contain nickel in the stud, which really isn't good for you.

As I have been out of the earring buying game for quite a while now, I'm a bit stumped as to the best places to shop these days. Every new pair of earrings that I have bought has, so far, come from Louvisa - who have really beautiful items, that often look way more expensive than they actually are at fan-blooming-tactic prices. They even have a range of hypoallergenic earrings made of sterling silver, for all of us sensitive girls out there.

I know this will sound more than just a little bit strange, but when I shop for earrings one of the more important requirements on my list is weight . Obviously I don't want to hook kettle-bells on my ears but I am also really averse to earrings that are too light, as I feel like they are too folate-y, get easily tangled up in my hair and often look a bit tacky.

 You find the best things, often, when you don't know you are looking for them. This gorgeous little jewellery stand I came across at Lincraft, of all places! and was only $14.99. It fits 64 pairs of earrings and I can't wait to see it full up of little beauties.

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