April Beauty Favourites 2016

Eco Tan Invisible Tan 
I go through phases of really loving and cherishing my pale skin and then phases of feeling like I look so pale I am transparent. This month I was hit hard with the latter! Eco Tan was actually recommended to me by my cousin, who I saw strutting about with beautiful brown (NOT ORAGNE AT ALL), but still really natural looking skin. I love how easy and smooth this is to apply and as a bonus it won't transfer onto your bed sheets! 

Aesop Rose Hair and Scalpe Moisturising Masque 
I have used this product so much over the last month and a half - so much so that I actually cut the original tube in half to get out all the cream I could. I think I was getting about two or three masks in a week. A little goes a long way to help my hair feel hydrated and soft and make my curls look bouncy. 

Makeup Forever Step 1 Radiant Primer Cool Pink
Here we go with another product recommended by Makeup By Tiffany D, I swear there must be one in every beauty post I upload! I was nervous about purchasing this product when I first heard her mention it as I absolutely DETEST most primers. It's that airy/silicone feel that just gives me the hibbie-jibbies. STEP 1 Radiant Primer just feels like a thin moisturiser and has a cool/blue toned pink that whitens and brightens dull skin. 

H&M Gold Cuff/Bracelete 
This little baby has been on my wrist just about everyday since I bought it. I love how it makes my wrists look slim, delicate and very feminine and it is the perfect shade of gold - midway between yellow and white. 

Amika Leave in Creme 
This product has very quickly worked its way up to "status - HOLYGRAIL". It isn't a heavy cream but still has a really nice hydrating and softening effect on my hair. Because of this I have noticed that my hair looks healthier and my curl more defined when I use it! 
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