Fabric Shopping In Europe - Munich, Paris and London

My newfound love of sewing had me super excited for my trip to Europe. In the weeks leading up I had been struggling to think of souvenirs to take home. I wasn't interested in the typical tourist items - been there done that and thrown most of it out. I wanted to find things that were going to last or that at least I would really enjoy using up.

Then, voila, it came to me FABRIC! Not only was this encoring my new hobby but I would also be able to say "Oh this old thing, I made it with fabric I bought in Paris" - I mean can you get any cooler, probably not.

So I did a little research (Google searched "Fabric Stores" in the areas I was going to be staying) and on the days where I didn't have much planed I took myself to mosey around the colourful aisles.

I was a little affronted by the prices at first and was hesitant to purchase anything unless it REALLY called to me. But seeing as I wasn't intending to splurge on much else, I tried to have a little fun with it!

My first port-of-call was a shop called Stoff&Co in Central Munich, Germany. Its a sweet little place with a fantastic range of stretch/jersey fabric. I dragged my sister in with me to this one and got her opinion on a couple items, she even picked out a few bits of fabric herself for things she wanted me to make for her. 

I did also find another gorgeous fabric shop tucked away in a small, quite corner of Regensburg called Altmann, Stoffe and Kurzwaren. While it isn't as much of a boutique store as the others I have mentioned it was such an orderly looking store and it stocked a good deal of fun cottons. 

Anna Ka Bazar, my word was it a trek for me to get there. 40 mins on the train from where I was staying and my first trip was all for naught because most shops in Paris are closed of a Sunday! Oh well, it was all worth it in the end because Anna Ka Bazar has some of the most modern and fun patterns I have seen yet. It took all my will and restraint to not buy my weight in fabric. Beware they come with a heavy dollar sign!

The Liberty House was a recommendation by a family member who does quilting (VERY successfully might I add). It's a well known brand (stocked by many a Fabric Shop) and is rather fancy pants. In all honest I find the pattens to be a little mature for my liking but I would recommend going even if only to look at the beautiful architecture of the building!

Sew Over It London is another gorgeous boutique shop, which also serves as a sort of Sewing Cafe. Take your fabric (or buy some there) thread and pattern and borrow the stores own machines for a charge. The fabric they sell there has some really fun little patterns and the prices really aren't that bad. 

Lets see what I can cook up with these! 
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