My First Knitting Project - The PomPom Magazine Kipper Socks

When it comes to sewing I consider myself an enthusiastic intermediate. For me it's an enjoyable and rewarding experience and I am alway happy to challenge myself and I'm always thinking ahead to my next project.

However knitting is a bit of a different story. While I do enjoy knitting, it's a little less consistent than sewing. The desire comes and goes in waves and is often spaced pretty far apart. As of last night I am officially back in a knitting mood and I am desperate to start!

This was all triggered by a podcast I was watching by Katie from Inside Number 23 when she referenced the Indie knitting magazine PomPom.  I got hooked (no pun intended) on the patterns in Issue One, in particular the Netherton Pullover! This style is right up my alley with the semi-slouch, cropped fit and 3/4 sleeves.
So without really thinking I bought it! And then I started looking over the instructions and my eyes just glazed. I really haven't worked much with knitting patterns before and the are nothing like sewing patterns. There's all there random number and letters and AHHH.

After I regained my composure I started to think practically and I put the Netherton to the side and thought Socks, thats a safe bet and I'll probably see faster results, which suited me! Luckily the issue that I bought from PomPom also had a pattern for a really cute pair of sock, the Kipper.

I'll admit that I'm a bit nervous but I am also really excite and in love with the yarn which I have purchased for the project. Sure it's garishly bright but that suits me and they are socks, so no one is really going to see them but me. If like me you are captivated by this colour way, the yarn is by a company called Manos Del Urugauy which, I was assured by the nice lady at The Granny Square in Newtown, is a company that really concerns themselves with fair-trade. It is from the Algeria collection and is called Morris!

I'm hoping that by posting about this project it will keep me accountable and excited. I think I will probably do most of my updates over on my youtube channel so if you want to keep updated make sure you are subscribed. Once they are finished I will make sure to do a review of the pattern and show you the finished project.

Wish me luck!

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