Modcloth - Irregular Choice Shoes

Quickly before I start babbling on about these shoes I just wanted to let anyone who is as keen as a jelly bean for these shoes know, thatthey are currently on sale at Modcloth - so get your butts over there now to check it out!!
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to have my very own pay of Irregular Choice shoes.
I have seen them featured on a couple blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow/lets-be-honest-stalk. Yes, some of their designs are a little bit "far out brussel sprout" but really, that's what I love about them.

Business Is Blooming Heel 

Price Point:  $159.95 now $111.99 UDS (around about $145 AUD with another $25 - $45 of shipping depending on the speed at which you want it)

Size: 40 (I usually vary between an 8 - 9 in AU sizes, which I'm pretty sure correlates to US sizes)

Heel Height: 8.9cm - the thick heel makes them very stable and breezy to walk around in (no wobbling).

Comfort:  I am so absolutely ecstatic to be able to say that these shoes are a great fit (there is a slight bit of give behind my heel which I'm not a great deal fussed about because it means that when it's hot and my feel swell they won't be too constricting).
The sole has a very small about of padding to it, which I think will flatten pretty soon but for now makes them non-slippery and comfortable to wear.

Quality:  I mean for goodness sake they have even put effort into what the inside of the shoe looks like - if that doesn't scream dedication and quality what does? I haven't seen any loose threads, uneven seams/shapes or anything. They look and feel as though they have been put together carefully and made to be worn and last.

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