Black And White - Tessuti Frankie Top HACK!

A couple weeks ago, when scrolling through Net-a-Porter, pretending that I could actually afford to purchase anything and everything, I came across a pretty basic looking top from Marc Jacobs. Typically when "shopping" on Net-a-Porter I find myself drawn to overly detailed and eccentric things (in my mind I am a millionaire and we all know that millionaires wear some pretty interesting things), so it was kind of strange that I was being drawn to this top, but drawn I was! 
Knowing that there was no way I could justify spending over $300 on a T-shirt, I decided that I would try my best to recreate it. I rummaged around the internet a while before I settled on a pattern from Tessutis, called the Frankie Top/Dress Pattern.  Although there are a few differences (the neckline, sleeve shape and bust panel) I was happy with the loose silhouette on the lower half and honestly preferred the higher neckline and fitted sleeve. 
In order to keep the boxy shape of the Marc Jacobs Shirt I decided to use thicker/more dense stretch fabrics, both of which I got from Tessuti (#notsponsored) and both of which didn't really have that much stretch. To compensate for the lack of stretch I cut one size large than my recommended size. 
This hack was so straight forward I don't think the process really even needs mentioning but hey! while I'm at it why not. 

1) The first thing I needed to do was determine how far down I wanted the bust seam to be, so I quite literally held the pattern against myself and marked in pencil the seam line. 

2) I drew and cut a straight line, at a right angle form the foldline edge.

3) At this point you COULD trace around each pattern piece (bust panel and lower body panel), adding a 1cm seam allowance to each new edge, but if you're lazy like me and go straight into cutting your fabric, just remember to cut the additional 1cm seam allowance. 

4) Simply sew your bust panel and lower body piece together and VOILÀ, your hack is complete! As a personal preference and because my seam wasn't lying entirely flay I decided to iron and topstitch the seam allowance down, towards the BW stripe fabric.
Originally, just like the Marc Jacobs shirt, I only did the panel on the front pattern piece. However when I sewed it up and tried it on I thought I looked a little strange that there wasn't also a panel on the back. So I unpicked just about the entire garment and repeated the process for the back piece. 


I am still tossing up whether or not I want to go ahead with any embellishments. I know hat if I do it won't be as busy as what was designed on the Marc Jacobs shirt, it will probably just be some kind of iron on patch. I will put some images below of the patches I am considering, let me know what your thoughts are! 

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