TheBalm Mini Haul

I have heard so many wonderful things about this brand over the past couple weeks, so I decided to have a snoop around the website. I didn't want to go crazy on my first purchase (even though there are so many things that I wanted to add to my shopping cart) just in case I was unhappy with the quality of the brand.

So I purchased two products
The "Naughty" Nude Tude Palette - A collection of natural eyeshadow, which is probably one of their most prominent products at the moment.


The Meet Matt(e) Palette - A collection of entirely Matte eyeshadow 

ADORABLE packaging XD they have come up with some very witty and fun Pin up designs

The eyeshadow in the Nude Tude palette is beautifully pigmented and has a very silky, buttery texture. I am very impress with its quality!

The variety of color in both palettes are quite good.

Both come with double sided brushes - although personally I would not use these as I have other brushes that I prefer to use. However they are convenient for on the go.

The packaging is not only very cute, but very sturdy and environmentally friendly (which is a massive pro for me) 

The eyeshadow in the Meet Matt(e) palette however I was not completely content with the pigmentation and found the formula a bit chalky. With the paler colors such as Matt Smith, Matt Gallagher and Matt chung I find the lesser pigmentation more acceptable in terms of a blending device.

I would have liked a larger quantity of eyeshadow. Its not so small that I am going to run out anytime soon but a bit more product wouldn't go amiss.

All over I do think they are good value. Whether or not I would repurchase them, I would the Nude Tude but probably not the Meet Matt(e). Thats not to say I regret buying it, just that I don't find it a necessary addition to my collection.

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