Floral Pussy Bow Blouse - Sew Over It Pattern Review

Pattern Size: I often rant about the difficult time I have with fit in most commercial patterns (I measure in at the size 14 but it always end up WAY too big), they often don't have the important measurements - the finished fit of the garment. However the Sew Over It patterns ALL have the finished measurements on the back of the pattern and they are very spot on! 

I cut the size 10 and, tucked into a dress or pants (as you can see in the photos) the sizing is pretty spot. I wouldn't mind cutting it in a larger size next time as I don't always want to tuck my shirts in and the size 10 only gives me a little wiggle room around the hips.  
Fabric Used: I bought this fabric a few months back from The Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria, Sydney. I have forgotten exactly what it is but it feels like a really high quality Crepe De Chine (FOOLED YOU because it was only $6-8 for the whole thing). It's incredibly slippery so was a bit fiddly to work with but patience paid off because it worked beautifully with this pattern. 
Was It Easy To Follow: Yes, as always with the Sew Over It patterns, the instructions were very clear and thorough and I LOVE that they have their patterns in a booklet form rather than an A3 foldout, its just a lot easier to handle!
The pattern itself is pretty basic, no tricky skills required, but the recommended fabrics, such as silk, crepe De Chine etc, which tend to have a "tricky to work with reputation" can make it a little more complicated. I did struggle a little with attaching the collar-tie but that had more to do with lack of experience and how darn slippery the fabric was than poor instructions! Also, I decided to forgo the loop and button on the cuff, purely because Im lazy and I found that I was able to get the cuff over my hand without them! 

Did It Look Like The Photo/Drawing On The Pattern When You Were Done:  Yes very much so and on top of that it is very comfortable to wear!

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