Me Before You by Jojo Moyes - Book Review

*I wrote this post about 3 months ago but in the spirit of true procrastination it's taken me this long to take a photo to accompany the review post ...sorry about that*

With the film adaptation of "Me Before You" only recently out, I really wanted to get my hands on a copy of the book before I saw it on screen, and I'm really glad I did. 

It is chic-lit at heart with a bit of an off centre spin. It's got themes that some might find a bit controversial or confronting, which I think makes it a really unique and interesting book. 

"Will Trainor is the embodiment of everything a young man could hope to be - he's rich, incredibly witty, has a thriving and enviable social social life, he's attractive, a successful and determined business man, he's well travelled and a bit of an adventure seeker. HE'S A CATCH...and then he's not. 

After a terrible accident which leaves him glued to a wheelchair, incapable of doing even the most menial task, Will's flat out lost any desire to live. In a frantic attempt to alter Will's outlook on life, the Trainor family employ Louisa Clark. She's a an odd sight to behold in brightly coloured dresses and bumblebee tights and has no previous work experience in a medical background. Not a conventional decision for the Trainor family to make, but like I said, they're desperate. "

Will and Louisa's romance isn't at all textbook and it's not what you might think. You have just got to read this book but be warner…I turned into a blubbering mess in the last few chapters. 

In terms of Moyes' writing style, it was pretty casual (almost like sitting down to have chat with a friend) but well put together and thought out. It had all the details that you needed and wanted and nothing more (no babble).

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