Louvisa Earring Haul - Newly Pierced Ears

First things first, I should probably mention that I have actually had my ear pierced a couple time before and each time they have closed over. I think this really comes down to the laziness of my youth, because I frequently forgot or couldn't be bothered to put earrings in. Its been about 4 years since I have worn any earrings and I think I am finally ready to commit again!

There is a 6 week wait between when you get your ears pierced and when you can start wearing different earnings. As I write this I am currently at the 2 week mark and I can tell you that 4 weeks really feels like 4 months away.

I'm taking my time to develop a new collection of earrings and I'm trying to be quite picky about it, because in the past I have been quick to throw just about any pair that takes my fancy in the shopping cart and have never gotten around to wearing them.

I am also very aware of the quality of earring that I am purchasing - it's not that I am only going to settle for Tiffany's (although I'm not going to lie, that would be lovely) but I am conscious that a lot of cheaper earrings contain nickel in the stud, which really isn't good for you.

As I have been out of the earring buying game for quite a while now, I'm a bit stumped as to the best places to shop these days. Every new pair of earrings that I have bought has, so far, come from Louvisa - who have really beautiful items, that often look way more expensive than they actually are at fan-blooming-tactic prices. They even have a range of hypoallergenic earrings made of sterling silver, for all of us sensitive girls out there.

I know this will sound more than just a little bit strange, but when I shop for earrings one of the more important requirements on my list is weight . Obviously I don't want to hook kettle-bells on my ears but I am also really averse to earrings that are too light, as I feel like they are too folate-y, get easily tangled up in my hair and often look a bit tacky.

 You find the best things, often, when you don't know you are looking for them. This gorgeous little jewellery stand I came across at Lincraft, of all places! and was only $14.99. It fits 64 pairs of earrings and I can't wait to see it full up of little beauties.

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December Favourites - Summer Essentials

Sukin Hydrating Toner Mist 
This product is quite literally and all time Holy Grail, could-not-live-without, would-cry-for-several-year-if-it-was-ever-discontinued, how-did-I-live-before-this-product product. I don't actually use this in my day to day skincare regime but I find it hugely effective for the summer months when I have spent far too long in the sun.

One of my pet peeves when it comes to Aloe Vera Gels and other after sun creams is that after a while it stops soothing the burn and you just end up with a buildup of product on you arm which you then have to wipe off - ouch. There is no annoying maintenance needed with this spray, the hydrating effect last longer than any other product I have tried. Not to mention it seems to speed the recovery time along and turns the burn into a tan much faster. 

As a side note Skin is actually a really lovely natural skincare range that is Carbon Neutral. 

Exe Gladiator Sandals 

For a little while now I've been kind of obsessed with the idea of having a tall pair of gladiator sandals. I think the inspiration for this thought came from one of the style goddess themselves - the Kardashians - and I just haven't been able to let it go. Nothing (within my price range) really stood out to me online so for a little while I let it slip to the back of my mind but every time I walked into a shopping centre I sort of bee-lined to the shoes, specifically sandals with hopes high. 

I found these babies at a store in Macquarie shopping centre, which in all honesty I cannot remember the name of. What sold me with these sandals in particular was the gold detailing on the straps, I do love a bit of gold on a sandal as I think it makes a traditionally casual item slightly more interesting and smart. 

Lancome Poeme Perfume

In the last six months or so I have uncovered the genius of perfume samples packs. I mean it's always quite difficult trying to hunt for that one percent scent with so many options out there, that after a few sniff all start to smell the same. Now I am not going to lie and say that these are affordable because really, in my opinion, they are well over priced but they are handy as heck. Often these packs contain the most loved and most raved about perfumes that the brands have to offer, which already cuts out a lot of guess work. You then get to take home 4 or 5 famous perfumes and play around with them for the next couple days and weeks to really see which fragrance melds best with you skin and style, and see if it actually lasts. How fantastic is that! 

Lancome Poeme is a slightly sweeter and more directly feminine product than I have a tendency to gravitate towards. But I have received a lot of compliments wearing this and I find that even I notice the fragrance after hours of wear, which is pretty impressive. 

For those who are interested in the make up: 

Top Notes: Blue Himalayan Poppy, Lychee Blossom
Heart Notes: Orange Blossom. Mimosa, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Desert Datura Flower

Lovisa Jewellery 

Another item that I have been hunting around for is a few nice understated long necklaces in a nice yellow gold. As I am not a huge fan of the copper or rose gold craze that we are in the midst of it wasn't an easy task. I really love how dainty and simple this piece is, it just makes me feel much more expensive and elegant, like you don't need to be big and flashy to be beautiful. 

In some exciting news, I recently got my ears pierced! I little gift to myself for Christmas and something I had been tossing up for a while. I have actually had my ear pierced before but they sadly  closed over and for a long time I just wasn't interested in wering any earnings. I can't even wear these earrings for anther 5 weeks but I constantly pull them out just to look at them and mentally piece together the outfits I will wear these with. I can't wait. 

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