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So about a month ago I made a purchase off of the Sleek website (in the UK).  sleek is essentially a high quality drugstore brand with a reputation for great pigmentation & great prices
I love the idea of having a blush palette, it gives me a variety of options without having to open a world of different pots. These Sleek blushes honestly scared me a little bit when I first saw them. I mean just look how bright they are!!! And their swatches are just as true, so I wold advise using a very light hand when using them and possibly a less dense brush. For example the Sigma F40 (not the vegan synthetic brush) works really well at blending out these colours.

pumpkin blush by three palette - $12.49
Despite being so daunting, they look absolutely stunning on. Shockingly enough (even with my very pink toned skin) I found that I fell in love with the red toned blushes. When I wear these it simply looks like a have a natural flush to my skin.  I love it !

lace blush by three palette - $12.49
I was inclined to get this palette for two main reasons. Firstly, the middle blush in this palette has often been compared to that of  nars orgasm  blush (universally loved and flattering). It is a beautiful coral-pink with hints of light golden shimmer throughout. I do own the Nars Multiple Stick in Orgasm and would say that they are pretty darn close. This blush by 3 palette would serve as a great drugstore dupe.

face contour kit in light - $8.49
Now honestly I was not very impressed with the bronzer aspect of this palette. I found it to a bit streaky, slightly too dark (despite it being the lightest option) and also a little too warm (ie orange).
However I love the highlighting powder. Its adds the most beautiful glow to my face without being overwhelming or too noticeable. It is slightly pink toned and not at all chalky. 
So all over Thumbs up for highlighter. Thumbs down for bronzer.

oh so special eyeshadow palette - $9.99
If I had to use one word to describe this palette it would without a doubt be amazing.
I would probably say that the eyeshadow colours and formula are comparable to that of the Nude Tude palette by The Balm. They are highly pigmented and very buttery.
So if you are not inclined to fork out $36 for the Nude Tude, this palette by Sleek is a great dupe and also supplies a greater amount of product!! 
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Gold Nails and Austin Powers

So I was watching the latest Austin Powers ...not my favorite one but still pretty good.....anywho I was completely and utterly gobsmacked by the brilliance that is Goldmember!!!! It was then that I realised that I must, simply must have gold nails. 

Swanky Silk was part of the Bohemian collection by China Glaze. China glaze has super affordable ($10.50)  nail polishes with really great pigment !!! This nail polish can go from rose to white to yellow gold depending on the lighting it can be a universally flattering colour! I buy my china Glaze nail polishes from an online store called crush cosmetics ( They have a great track record of super fast shipping and they always throw in a couple extra gifts which puts them in my good books.

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Book Review- The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

Flowing on from the French theme of my previous review, Chocolat by Joanne Harris, comes a tragically poetic book, 

the paris wife 
paula mclain

This book, by no means a biography, captures a magical period of time and an intense love affair between two remarkable people: Ernest Hemingway and his wife Hadley. Coming into this book I had no prior knowledge of Hemingway, whilst his name sounded familiar I could not place a face or idea to it. Now having completed such an emotionally evocative book I can’t wait to get my hands on some of his works!!

The Paris wife really enables one to experience the exotic livelihood of French society during the 1920’s.  what a time to be alive!!!  

Although despite such an exotic environment and an array of interesting characters, it was Hadley, Hemingway’s first wife that truly caught my attention. Described as a “plain” girl she experienced anything but a plain life.  For me Hadley presented a new form of stoicisms, she possessed strength so unique that I often found myself confused and infuriated on her behalf.

Although she has no outstanding artworks or revolutionary pieces of writing Hadley made her own mark on the world. In reality this heartbreaking portrayal of love is only made more poignant in that Hemingway himself declared that he would rather have died than fallen in love with anyone but Hadley.

 In my opinion that’s some mark !!!


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Blush Haul From Japan

About three months ago I wasn't really much of a blush person. Now I don't know about you guys but I sometimes get these strange ....sort of like food cravings, but for makeup, and all of a sudden I wanted to wear blush. Yes I am very aware of how weird that is. 

nyx angel, is the blush that began my current obsession. Its a really beautiful dusty rose that brings a soft and dewy flush to the skin.

Cream blushes are are really great for keeping that dewy complexion and I can't believe how much I am loving corals at the moment. canmake, a brand that's I have found isn't so readily available out of Japan (you can buy it online or in specialised Asian cosmetics stores), but is great quality and also super affordable.  Cannot recommend this product enough.

Another cream blush, from maybelline, called jelly glow (I cant read Japanese so I think that it is number three). I believe is supposed to be the Japanese version of Maybelline bouncy blushes. It's a warm rosy pink with very flattering gold pearlescent undertones - it's more illuminating than dewy. 
Also this blush is like play-dough - endless hours of fun.
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Lush - Emotional Brilliance Liners

Quality coloured liners can definitely be hard to track down. Not many brands will venture outside of the uniform dark brown and black shades. I knew I had 
stuck gold 
when I saw these in my local lush store (In the QVB building in the CBD of Sydney). The colour pigment is exactly what you would hope to get - they are not watered down as you can see in the swatches.

Left to right - Sophisticated, Success and Motivation
Left to right - Feeling Secure, Happiness and Wise

These liners are great because they can also be used as cream eyeshadow / colour bases (especially Sophisticated as its a little to pale of a brown to be used as a liner) I love the variety and vibrancy of colours and they make for a quick, fun and gorgeous day look. thank you lush . I am still on the search for a nice pink or orange liner, so if you guys know of any good ones I would love to hear about them. When I can afford it I will definitely go back and get more.
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