Floral 50's Summer Dress - Sew Over It Betty Dress Pattern Review

I'm IN LOVE, actually, genuinely I LOVE with this pattern! In all honesty I had absolutely no interest in this pattern when I saw it on the website until they released the "Betty Add On Pack" which included the option for a V-neck and sleeves. 

The front (with the V-neck option) and back neckline of this dress are a really fun and incredibly flattering design.

Pattern Size: I cut the 12 and while I did take about 3cm off the back on either side I am glad that I chose this size as I really liked the position of the darts and I think the 10 might have come out too snug on the bust. 
Alterations Made: The only issue I can across with this pattern is the same issue I encounter with most patterns that include fitted sleeves. I have larger arms they they just NEVER fit in the standard sleeve size provided by the pattern. I really need to get off my lazy arse and look into full arm adjustments! 

In this case I decided to cut a larger size and add more ease which resulted in a bit of an 80's poofy (thats a technical word for you right there) sleeve. I HATED this look so I decided to unpick the sleeves and cut out a different flutter sleeve, using a pattern piece from Butterick 5030. 

I much prefer the look and feel of this sleeve and I think it gives the garment a more 1940's overall look. 

Fabric Used: This is a "Liberty wanna be" fabric that I bought from Marrickville Road. The branding on the edge of the fabric claims that it is Liberty but obviously at $5/meter…nobody is fooled. I am still quite impressed with the feel of this cotton lawn, just like Liberty Lawn it is quite soft and thin and it has a fluidity that most cottons just don't have. 

Was It Easy To Follow: YES. The beauty of this pattern is that it is a very simple yet classic design that I think would be good for the advanced beginner. 

Did It Look Like The Photo/Drawing On The Pattern When You Were Done: Yes, pretty much, I think one me it does look slightly more fitted around the bust that it does in the photo but thats a difference I am very happy with! 

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