Boohoo and Forever New Haul

I know that as an Australian I am typically supposed to be gloriously tanned, surf all day and night and worship the sun. But in actual fact I'm really quite fair skinned, find all those dark corners of ocean daunting and as for the sun? Well, I have been burned (excuse the pun) more than once by it. So I am counting down the days until winter. Perhaps I should have been born somewhere in England, Ireland or Scotland.

In my eagerness, I have been browsing and bookmarking winter fashion online for months now. You may be thinking "Bit too soon, don't you think?".

well really its not

As you may well know, Australia is situated, pretty much, in the middle of nowhere. Detached from the rest of the world and our strange little country has reversed the order of the seasons. As soon as we go into summer everyone else, everywhere else goes into winter and I am pretty sure that a majority of online shops are based either in the USA or UK. Already half way through winter, brands are beginning to think about the change of season and older stock is going on sale.  

so my preemptive shopping is really very smart !!


Forever New - Melissa Jersey Duster Coat 
I love the structured, over sized, boyfriend style of this coat. Straying away from my usual tapered and tailored coats, I am happy to see that comfort and class can be combined !! It's not a particularly heavy coat, but by having a slightly over sized feature you can pair it with a thick jumper or cardigan. In a recent vlog, I saw Lily Pebbles wearing a gorgeous over sized grey coat from ASOS. She was my inspiration in buying this. 


Boohoo - Rosie Roll-Neck Soft Knit Jumper 
Its only in the last year or so that I have started embracing the turtle or slouch necks. But oh my am I embracing them. They are readily available from just about every brand/ store this coming season.  The body of this jumper sits a little bit shorter than a standard jumper so it would look great with a pair of high-rise jeans or pants. 


Boohoo- Carla Wet-Look Leggings
These Leggings are a mix between the leather and wet look. I am going a bit out of my comfort zone with them as they are most definitely a statement item. This particular pair don't have much give in the material so they hold everything in, giving you more trim and toned pins. It definitely makes me feel more confident drawing attention to myself.


Boohoo - Cheska Square-Toe Deep-Elastic Cleated Boot 
I am a bit late jumping on the band-waggon for this style of shoe. Because of the platform and block heel they are super comfortable and stable to walk in. Just be aware when buying these that you may need to size down. I am usually somewhere between and eight and a nine. I bought them in a nine to be safe and found they were massive!!  

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