ASOS Boots and Accessories Haul

winter boots 

Boots are becoming my thing at the moment. I want all of them, every style, every colour and every height - all of them !! These boots in particular I actually got for work. They seriously crank up the air-con in my office and as I have no inclosed shoes my tootsies, and as a result, the rest of me end up freezing.  These ones from ASOS are pretty comfortable - albeit a fraction too small and they don't come in half sizes, so Im relying on them stretching a bit. The heels aren't noticeably heel-like, it pretty much feels like I'm walking on a flat shoe, but you still get that slight lift that makes those pins more damn.
I am aware that the detailing looks a wee-bettie western and that that isn't for everyone, but I am of the opinion that they are gorgeous.  I'll probably pair these with some jeans and a slouchy-neck jumper. 


The last time I bought a pair of sunglasses (Gold Rimmed and Soft Brown) was a bout a year ago on my vacation to Bali. Sunglasses aren't something I think to buy often or splurge on when I do. But I'm so incredibly over
that same old pair that continuously falls down my nose and gives me sore eyes and a headache from a blurry, scratched screen!! I did spend more than I am accustomed to, but I am at peace with that because I can see and feel the quality! These both sit securely on my head without being overly tight and have that oversized style without making my head look like a pea.  I am still on the hunt for a final pair in my favourite style, aviators. I will of course post when I do.

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