ANZAC Day Themed Cupcakes

The cakes themselves for my ANZAC day themed cupcakes were orange poppy (get it? Because the ANZAC symbolic flower is a poppy) and yes I admit, I did cheat with these cupcakes - I bought the batter. In all honesty I do regret it, as I was really not impressed with the flavour, and the pre-made cream cheese icing was kind of gross, but I was really only interested in doing the decorations. 

you will need 
100g Room temperature butter 
100g Room temperature cream cheese
450g Icing sugar 
2tbsp milk or cream 
Green, red and blue food colouring
Chocolate sprinkles
Paper flags taped to toothpicks 
1. Using an electric mixer or mix-master beat butter and cream cheese together for at least 3 minutes or until the reach a much paler yellow colour.
2. Gradually add in the icing sugar - too much and you will get an explosion of powder in your face. Take your time mixing - with buttercream icing  patients is a virtue!
3. Add cream or milk and continue to beat until mixture is thick and creamy!
4. Evenly separate the icing into three bowls.
5. For the lightest green I used a small amount of green dye. For the darkest green I used a mix of green and a small amount of blue dye. For the brown icing I used a mix of green and a small amount of red and blue dye. Try not to add too much dye as it seems to thin out the consistency of the buttercream. 
6. I was pretty messy with my application - Camouflage is never really very neat, so don't freak out if the colours bump up against each other and mix.
7. I used the sprinkles to help the little solider men stand out more - its almost like they have a little platform to stand on. 
8. Place your flag and solider at the centre of the cupcake and voila 

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