Shoe Art - ASOS Performer Pointed Heel

ASOS - Performer Pointed High Heel 

I all honesty I'm not sure I am actually going to be a be to walk in these. The heel reaches 4 inches and without any platform the angle is just too much and it seems to put a bit too much strain on my ankles and knees - yes do I realise I am 21 but sound 70, I inherited bad joints, sue me.

Despite the height the actual shoe itself is a comfortable fit.  I am not usually a fan of a pointed toe as I find it just makes my foot look bigger, so I downsized a bit when choosing these as I figured with a backless heel I could get away with a smaller size.

I would recommend being a bit gentle with these shoes as while the decorations attached aren't flimsy they do have a degree of movement and so could snap or chip.

ASOS are going to be releasing a pink versions on these shoes come October and I am eager to get my little paws on them - they might not be the easiest to walk in but to me they are a form of art.

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