Tea With Alice - Tea Subscription Box

"Would you like some tea with your milk and sugar?".

Growing up I couldn't stand herbal tea. My mother would drink cup after cup after cup, so my sister and I would always have to quickly usher her out of places before she was offered any or else we knew we had better get comfortable, we would be there a while.

When I hit about 14 or 15 I started to tentatively dip my toes into the vast expanses of the tea world. I started out with Peppermint tea to help with my diet and then moved on to Chamomile before bed to unwind and relax. It wasn't until was 19 that I finally acquired a taste for green tea and now I can't get enough of it. What started out as a reluctant step towards good health has propelled me forward into an obsession.

Tea With Alice is a monthly Australian subscription box that I am hoping will feed my obsession by providing me with a "lucky dip" assortment of teas. Most subscription boxes these days seem to have a match making quiz that helps to ensure that you get the right kind of products for you and nothing goes to waste. Tea With Alice takes you through a selection of very easy questions that help determine your tea needs, for example I am not a fan of black tea and was able to specify my aversion.

I am way too excited about the selection that I received in my first box and am already thinking about next month!

Beach Babe - Organic peppermint, hibiscus , elderflowers and lemon balm.
Probably my favourite pick of the bunch its a really fresh tea that would probably be really great as an iced tea.

Liquorice Spice - Liquorice root, orange peel, cloves and cinnamon - unfortunately I don't have photo of this tea as my mum really liked it so I gave it to her before I had a chance to get a photo.

New Beginnings - White tea (the smallest bud and first two leaves of the season)
A really smooth flavour similar to a nice green tea but without the sharp bitterness green tea can often have.

Vitalitea - Oolomg, papaya, pineapple, hibiscus, orange and lemon
Not my favourite of the pick as it tasted too much like a breakfast black tea

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