Whats In My Bag - Tony Bianco Regan Bag

First things first, lets start with the bag.

What I was really drawn to with this bag was the colour, and you are going to hear me saying this a lot, I love tan/beige/neutral colours at the moment. Lately I have been seeing a lot of bright orangey-brown coloured bags parked on shelves, but really, I cannot stand them! I found it really hard to track down this particular light tan shade, especially in non-designer brands, without any fancy detailing - I just simply wanted plain! 

Honestly it isn't exactly was I was looking for - what I would change if I could would be to have the walls be of a more sturdy make so that when you put it on the floor it doesn't deflate into a little bag-puddle but rather stands up and keeps its shape. 

I'm pretty boring when it comes to phone cases and I really love plain black wallet cases. In fact these days I generally don't carry a wallet on my person as it only encourages me to horde coins and receipts. Now I carry my ID, credit card and Opal Card (public transport pass) in my phone so I never forget to pack anything. 


I do, sometimes, keep a mini purse with a small collection of membership cards that I use most frequently, in my bag.

Apple Head Phones 

I am weirdly, over the top picky when it comes to earphones. I hate suction earphones and find that most others either fall out or fall apart too quickly. The shape of these little babies means they stay in place really well and the are really comfortable! 


An absolute must have for me and I am never without one of these little packs - you never know what emergencies might arise and a tissue could very well save your little tushie.

Makeup Bag 

Keeping a makeup bag inside my bag-bag has really saved my sanity! I used to spend too long riffling through the bottom of my bag in search of a stray lip balm, bobby pin etc and would end up having to turn it inside out to find. You will always find a little mirror, lip balm and about 5 different shades of lipstick (I always forget to take them out) in my make bag. Deodorant is another thing I like to keep in may bag as I often forget to apply it in the mornings and that's just bad news for the population of the world, trust me! A makeup bag is also a great place to hide those special little "lady" products that you don't want to advertise to the world, just incase things fall out of your bag or someone goes through it (my little cousins love going through my bag to find my phone). 


As I mentioned in my December favourites, I am a big advocate for perfume sample packs, for a great many reasons really but in relation to this post the most important being that the are travel friendly! 

This isn't always the truth - in fact often I actually have no idea where they are, but if they aren't lost they will be in my bag. 

This is really only in my bag because I went to the hair-dressers the other day and I knew I was going to be there a while. Usually I just keep the current book I am reading on my bedside table because I don't really get time to read during the day and reading before bead helps me to switch off. 
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  1. If only my bag was this organised...think it's about 90% receipts and loose change!

    Gorgeous blog by the way!

    Sofia x