January Favourites 2016

Redken - Real Control 

This is an old favourite (and oh boy do I mean old - this was recommend to me by my hairdresser back when I was about 11) of mine but something that I have only rediscovered in the last couple of weeks.

As curly hair can sometimes be on the drier side of the spectrum I can definely appreciate that this cream product is really hydrating and almost gives you that "thirst-quenching" sensation.

I find that it is one of the very few products that really helps to tame the fuzz/frizz that my hair and makes them looks Panteen-ad soft, shiny, smooth and defined. However the effect doesn't always last all day and that is where this next product comes in.

Push Up Volume Express Mousse Treatment

My inner child can't get enough of this product. It reminds me of those soap dispensers that turn liquids into foam, which my mum thought were frivolous so we never had. However a really close friend of mine used to have them in her bathroom and I developed a reputation for having a really weak bladder whenever I was at her house.

It isn't really a mousse, rather more of a watery froth - the product used to come as a gel in a squeeze bottle, and I don't think they have changed the formula just the bottle - which I am pretty happy with as it makes an even distribution of the product a lot easier.

I like that unlike other "strong hold" "last all day" products and gels it doesn't make my hair feel stiff and crunchy or look really piece-y, it just helps the soft curls that I created with the Redken Real Control to stay in place and not lose their definition.

GoTo Skincare - Face Hero

While this isn't actually a favourite of mine I did think it was still something worth reviewing. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and I don't really see anything different or life changing. Mind you that doesn't mean I think it is a bad product - I haven't broken out in hives or teen grade acne.

In its favour however, I will say that I am impressed that despite being an oil (or rather a combinations of lots of oils) it doesn't look oily on the skin - so you don't have to be afraid of using it during the day.

I think I am actually a bit addicted to the idea of oils so personally I think using this is more mentally pleasing. I think that it is a nice oil and the packaging is to die for but I am still on the hunt for something that my skin just can't survive without.

Origins -Vitazing

You guys will know that I am a dedicated follower of Makeup By Tiffany D and this is yet another one of her product recommendations.

It feels really light on the skin and doesn't have as much of a shine to it as many of the other BB creams and tinted moisturisers I have tried do. Its is on the lighter end of the spectrum as far as coverage for a tinted moisturisers goes, giving you enough to even out skin tone but not cover any under eye bags or blemishes. I've been wearing this to work most days and have even been so fond of it as to wear it out to dinner a few times.

This product is one shade fits all and uses some kind of fancy pants technology that causes the formula to change its colour to suit the skin tone it is being applied to. I am pretty pale but I would still be interested to see how it works on really dark and really fair skin!

Dream Cream - Lush

They say actions speak louder than words so I could rave on for the next 3 paragraphs about how marvellous this product is, but simply put I have been using this the last 4 years and hot damn is it fantastic!

Lush developed this product for those who have really sensitive skin or any recurring issues with there skin i.e. eczema, rosacea etc. I have had problems in the past with particular body lotions causing me to breakout on my chest, back and arms, but this lotion feels so gentle and soothing and leaves my skin absolutely glowing.

Lovely Jubilees - Lush 

Lovely Jubilees is a product that I have been using on and off again for a while now. In all honesty I used to feel really guilty about buying it as there wasn't all that much product, I would go through it rather quickly and for its size it wasn't exactly cheap.

However since I have been mixing it with Dream Cream (I have an old clean lush pot which I use to combine the two) I have found that I don't go through it quite as quickly but I still get the same tightening effect over my whole body!
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