DIY Lace Bralette and Cheeky Underwear - Best Patterns I've Ever Used

"For me lingerie isn't about seduction, it's about being a woman." Dita Von Teese

Comfort has become key in my wardrobe lately and as sexy as they are, push-up bras just aren't comfortable (they just hurt like DAMN), so personally I avoid them.  As such I used to often feel like my stash of bras was a it "blah" to behold.  Bralettes are the best of both worlds, with no underwire and no excessive padding they are the epitome of comfort and they can make you feel a million dollars. 

For this bralette I followed a pattern and tutorial buy A Pair and A Spare. It's super straight forward and easy to make, sewers of all stages could manage this! 

I usually fit a 10D or DD (32D or DD) and found that Geneva's template worked a charm - snug fit but not too tight and no gaping at the sides, which I have had issues with with other patterns. Unfortunately its not a "one size fits all" kind of thing and she doesn't have templates for other sizes. So if you are a different size I would recommend sewing a mock-up with some scrap material to see how much you need to add or take away. 

For the matching underwear I followed another free pattern which you can find here

The hardest part of making these, for me, was finding the stretch lace. There's a lot available online but its not necessarily cheap and as I am from Australia shipping always adds up pretty quickly. Spotlight was another no-go, so if you are in Sydney check out these two options:

a) Booby Traps - an online bra-making supply shop, they have such a wide range of colourful stretch lace to choose from, as well as the extra haberdashery such as bra elastic, sliders and rings, closures and motifs (accessories like bows and charms to jazz up your bralette). 

b) Marrickville - it's only recently that I discovered all of the little fabric shops tucked away on Marrickville road. They don't exactly look like the ritz and their range of stretch lace isn't that great but they are cheap (like $2/meter versus up to $12/meter online) and for beginners that pretty convenient because you don't feel as bad about stuffing up and wasting fabric. 

Happy Bra Making ! 

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