Blue and Red Bodysuit - Nettie Bodysuit Review

As an avid LOVER of bodysuits I am so excited to say that this pattern was a complete hit. The first day I wore it I (quite literally) had four people ask me to make them one and honestly I have no problem doing that because this was a sinch to make.

All up from cutting the pattern out, cutting the fabric and sewing everything together it probably took about 3 hours to make and I think the more I do it the faster I will get.

The most tedious part of this project was definitely hand sewing the claps for the snap crotch and in all honesty I think next time I would potentially forgo it altogether. However if you are interested in the snap crotch A WORD OF WARNING: don't buy small clasps, I did and found that they weren't strong enough and kept snapping open.

Pattern Size: I cut a size 10 and it was perfect. If you are in-between sizes, say your top is a 10 and your bottom is a 12, they walk you through how to adjust the pattern. 

Fabric Used: I used a cotton-elastin blend. It is and MUST be a 4-way stretch with a really good amount of snap back and the material is about a medium/heavy weight so acts almost like shapewear. 

Was It Easy To Follow: In all honesty not really. I, personally, feel like I'm lucky it was a basic pattern because sometime the explanations weren't that clear, even going back and forth between the pattern and the online sew along. I also feel like there are some details which they could have been more specific on, like the length of the stitch was never actually mentioned.

Did It Look Like The Photo/Drawing On The Pattern When You Were Done: Yes it was really spot on. It was a beautiful snug fit as they described, incredibly comfortable and flattering.

I cannot wait to have another go at this pattern and all its various options, I am even thinking ahead to next summer when I think the really low back option would make for a great swim suit! This is such a versatile pattern and I have seen some really interesting and creative variations of it online. Bodysuits are brilliant staple to have in your wardrobe, personally I even prefer them to regular t-shirts (which always bunch up on me) and this pattern is the absolute BEES KNEES! 

If you want to check out this pattern for yourself you can get ahold of it here.
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